Dragons’ Den: the best pitches of season 14

Dragons’ Den: the best pitches of season 14

As both a business nerd and a TV enthusiast, two of my favourite shows are, of course, Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice (note: these are also the only two things I like about the BBC). This season of Dragons’ Den has been a really interesting one so far – and not just because of Sarah Willingham being amazing, but because most of the business ideas have been quite feasible and have only been let down by either year-on-year projections or the valuation they put on their business. A few of my favourite season 14 businesses/pitches include:

M14 Industries (Episode 15)
M14 Industries is a app development business which has been described as the WordPress of apps. By utilising an app template, this business allows you to adapt and white label a tinder-like swiping process for your own purpose. This has been used to form many types of social relationships including dating for beard lovers, Bristlr. All of the dragons loved John Kershaw, the CEO and founder of M14 Industries, and he managed to get an offer from all five investors. This is such a good idea because it broadens the capabilities and trends of fast-paced dating apps for all social interactions whilst keeping in line with the demand for simplicity within technological advancements.

Just Bee Drinks (Episode 12)
Just Bee Drinks uses flavoured honey and water to create healthy soft drinks in a range of flavours including Blueberry and Lemon. I loved seeing Just Bee drinks on Dragons’ Den as I’d already noticed the product in Boots stores and was definitely intrigued due to being in their target market and admiring their slick branding. Although they denied Peter’s investment offer, they seem to be doing well and I can’t wait to see them grow and hopefully rival the likes of Innocent.

Love Me Beauty (Episode 11)
I love the concept of subscription boxes and with beauty products I can definitely see the benefit of having access to samples to trial before purchasing a £50 item which might not suit you or your skin type. I was impressed by this pitch for two reasons: 1. how knowledgeable and professional Oliver Gauci was and, 2. the partnership he had obtained with Debenhams – because I definitely wouldn’t complain if I found a Kat Von D lipstick in my subscription box.

So, these are my top 3 pitches of Season 14 – and I will definitely be watching out for these businesses in the future!