March’s Marketing News

I’ve always been interested in hearing about the latest marketing news, and since starting my job in digital marketing I’ve found that big things happen within the industry almost every day. Nevertheless, I feel like this month (so far) has been quite eventful for the communications industry as a whole and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my favourite updates from March.

The Little Big Agency
Although it was public knowledge that Jo Leah would be leaving Weber Shandwick as Heather Blundell has been in the role of acting Managing Director since March 2016, this month Jo announced new venture – The Little Big Agency. Although only just launching her new PR agency this month, she has already gained a number of clients, partnered with an overseas agency and taken on four employees, not that you’d expect anything less from such a big name in public relations. It’s early days but I’m really excited to see how this new agency grows and can’t wait to hear what clients they’re working with.

Adidas Stop TV Adverts
Adidas are ditching TV adverts in favour of digital, and it’s likely many other businesses will follow in their footsteps. With digital being able to show reliable data on the attribution of each channel, any business working towards revenue targets should be focused on what each marketing platform is bringing to the table and this is something which TV can’t provide information on. Not only that, but who actually watches TV with adverts anymore when you can fast forward them or watch your shows on Netflix without adverts?

The YouTube Ads Fail
Many brands have cut PPC funds after YouTube displayed reputable brands next to extremist video content. Google will now be missing out on millions of pounds in advertising spend after losing custom from the likes of Pepsi and Walmart. Although Google has now publicly apologised for this mistake, this shows the need for a human touch when conducting content reviews, as with an automated system there will always be some questionable content which slips the net.