30 things to do before you’re 30

This blog idea came about from a work discussion about my boss’s list of things he plans to do before he’s 30. It got me thinking about my long term goals and even the silly stuff I’d like to do before hitting the big 3-0, and with that in mind – I thought I’d create my own list of things to do over the next 7 years with the 30 things I want to tick off before the 20th June 2024.

1. Go to Glastonbury festival

I’ve been to festivals like Leeds and V, but I’ve heard from friends that Glastonbury is better on so many levels. I’ve never even looked into going because I hate the idea of booking on without seeing who’s playing first, but in all fairness, I’ve never seen a truly terrible line up so I’m going to have to bite the bullet next time it’s on.

2. Travel to Japan

I just want to visit the coumtry which has blessed the world with sushi – and I’ve heard Japanese people love Avril Lavigne so I think I’d love it there for that reason alone.

3. Move into a property I own

“Homes under the hammer” has got me jealous and I’d love my own city centre flat. This is a work in progress but I’m sure 7 years gives me enough time to work on saving for that mortgage deposit.

4. Learn first aid

I think this one is self-explanatory in theory, but in reality it’s just because I want to be like the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy and this is as close as it’ll get for me and my lack of interest/knowledge in science stuff.

5. Pass my driving test – theory and practical

As terrified as I am to learn how to drive because of how clumsy I am, I’d love the freedom to be able to get places quickly and the perks of not being rained on before a 8 hour day in work.

6. Adopt my first fur-baby

Preferably a cute ginger cat named Garfield.

7. Get a tattoo

A tattoo which isn’t a drunken mistake or tacky cover-up – just a nice, well thought-out tattoo.

8. Run a half marathon

I go through stages of either running lots or not at all so my fitness has never been steady. I think it’d be good to have a long term goal like this to give me the motivation I need to keep at it.

9. Find a cause I care a lot about – then set some time aside to volunteer

This point sounds heartless if you overthink it because obviously I care about a number of issues, but what I mean is – I need to find an area or charity I want to focus on helping and then start using my spare time more effectively in order to make a difference (and not just spend weekends in my PJs).

10. Learn important birthdays and stop relying on Facebook

I’ve become a little too reliant on Facebook to remind me of when my friends’ birthdays are and I want to make sure in future I remember the birthdays of the ones closest to me.

11. Build something

I’m not expecting a Joey Tribbiani “entertainment unit”, but I just want to improve at DIY so putting up a shelf will do.

12. Move to a city

I’m not saying I want to move to the other side of the country but just something better than Ellesmere Port – Liverpool or Manchester will do.

13. Write up a business plan

I have no intention of setting up my own business but after doing a degree in business I would love to test what I’ve learnt in a real-life situation.. now I’ve just got to come up with the million dollar idea for the business plan.

14. Try a Vegan diet for a week

A week isn’t that long so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too painful to try it out, plus it would be interesting to see ‘how the other half live’ and whether I’d feel the health benefits after just a week.

15. Join a sports team

I’ve never been a sporty person but I’d love to get involved with a club as I feel like I missed out on that during uni.

16. Learn a second language

“Je ne sais pas” and “merci” don’t exactly give me linguistic skills and status I’m looking for, so maybe I need to up my French game or try out Italian.

17. Watch all of the Star Wars films

People always look disappointed in me when they hear I’ve not watched any of the Star Wars films, so my aim is to watch all 10 (if I’ve counted them correctly), and however many more they make before I reach 30.

18. Fire a gun

I’d love to go to an American shooting range but even clay-pigeon shooting would be something different to try – and we all know it’s just so I can feel like Helena aiming at Rachel’s head on Orphan Black.

19. Learn more about politics

I’m very quick to say how stupid the UK is because of Brexit and how equally stupid America is for Donald Trump, but the truth is I know very little about politics and would love to actually understand more about the voting system and the political parties.

20. Go camping

My family have recently taken up camping regularly and I laugh in their face when they invite me along because they know how much I hate the outdoors, the cold, the lack of wifi, etc, etc. But it would be good to get out of my comfort zone a little more and have a weekend without technology whilst feeling slightly like Bear Grylls.

21. Host a dinner party

Come dine with me style.

22. Work towards another qualification

I miss uni for the learning and employability qualities and although full-time education is a thing of my past now, I’d love to do a CIM qualification.

23. Do more Europe city breaks

This is something I’ve started doing more of now I’m in a full time job but I’d still love to go to a number of places by the time I’m 30; Stockholm, Prague and Krakow to name some.

24. Get business cards

Whether this is personal thing or something with a company name on it, I’ve always loved the idea of networking and being handed a business card.

25. Go on a spa weekend

I’ve never done the whole spa thing, or had a massage or a relaxing weekend away, but I think i’d love it so I need to plan myself a little treat yo’ spa trip.

26. Give up fizzy drinks for good

I go through phases of craving Fanta fruit twist and Diet Coke but I always feel so grim afterwards so I’d love to just give them up once and for all.

27. Learn how to work out taxes

The second most depressing thing about taxes (after having to pay them), is that they’re so complicated to work out and you can end up confused about what you should be paying. By 30 I want to be able to work out my own taxes and understand tax codes, tax brackets and all the other tax-based jargon.

28. Learn to say no

Sometimes (or, most of the time) I don’t want to go out and would much rather be in my PJs by 7pm snuggled up with a good film, but I hate FOMO and looking like a bore. I need to learn to say no to a night out every once in a while and to think of the long term benefits of (1) not drinking so much booze, (2) not spending so much money and (3) not feeling tired most of the day after a night out.

29. Learn to cook your favourite takeaway meal

By doing this I can save money on Indian takeaways, and learn to cook a somewhat healthier, less oily version of buttered chicken curry with fried rice.

30. Print more pictures

I love Instagram and think it’s a great way to store my personal pictures but I always forget to take photos when i’m out and when I do take them I never get them printed, even when I have a ton of frames to fill.

So there’s my list of things to do/achieve before 30, but I’m sure i’ll add to the list over the next few years.