Things to do in Amsterdam

Back in November, I visited Amsterdam for the first time and fell in love with the complete contrast of cultures throughout the city. Unfortunately, I was only there for 2 nights, and with the city overfilling with tourist attractions, quirks and diversity, I didn’t get to see/do everything I wanted. Luckily enough, I went back this month for a “round 2” and now I feel as though I can make some recommendations on places you need to see and things you need to do when you visit the ‘Dam.

Visit the Rijksmuseum
Visiting the Rijksmuseum was definitely a highlight for me. Amsterdam is known for famous artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt, and although I’m not majorly artsy I appreciated the quality (and quantity) of work on show from such a wide range of periods in history. Plus, there was a contemporary furniture section which appealed to the home decor enthusiast in me.

Check out the Red Light District (and its museums)
Did you know that every day 900 prostitutes work in the Red Light District? And that there are more than 290 Red Light windows in the District? Or that a prostitute pays 150 euros rent for every day she works in the Red Light District? The Museum of Prostitution is a good place to get educated on something a little bit different, and if museums aren’t for you then still explore the District because it’s unlike¬†anything you’ll ever see in the UK.

Do a Canal Boat tour
Amsterdam is famous for its canals, so it’s a good way to check out the local history. I got myself a day pass on “City Sightseeing Amsterdam” which involved a headphone tour pointing out all the cool stuff dotted around whilst avoiding awkward social interaction with a tour guide (which was crucial considering how hungover I was that day).

Eat the best food
From vending machine take-outs (praise the drunk lords for Febo), to pancakes of both the sweet and savoury varieties, Amsterdam food is so good! I went for a “you’re on holiday – treat yo’ self” vibe during my trips to the Dam but with the amount of walking around there is to do, the extra indulgence is worked off throughout the day.

So there’s some of my favourite things about Amsterdam, however things which are still on my bucket list (giving me a reason to visit again soon) are:

1. To tour the city via bicycle.

2. To go to the Anne Frank museum (note to all: book this a few weeks/months in advance as the time slots fill up fast).

3. The Heineken museum.