Alcohol-free socialising

After a few heavy weekends in a row, I’m looking to cut back on alcohol whilst still maintaining my social life. As I’ve never felt reliant on drinks for a good time, I never thought this would be a difficult task – however after a few sober nights out in some of Liverpool’s dirtiest and dodgiest places, I don’t think I can do 4am-finish clubbing nights out without a gin in hand anymore. Convincing my friends to partake in other activities can sometimes feel like fighting an uphill battle (and losing, terribly), so here are some ideas of social activities to get friends out without the vodka.

Breakout rooms
I did Lucardo’s  Gem Runner escape room in Manchester last weekend and managed to break out with 5 minutes and 12 seconds to spare. This is a such a great way to get a bunch of friends (well, 2 – 5 people) doing something active whilst working together to solve brainteaser puzzles. These breakout rooms are becoming really popular so it’s not hard to find one in a close-by city centre and on a plus, they only last up to 60 minutes so you don’t find yourself getting bored or giving up after a slow defeat.

This could be something I’ve picked up since living with my Nan but Bingo can be really fun and there’s nothing like the suspense of waiting for one number for the house. Granted, every time I’ve been to Bingo since signing up to Mecca, I’ve won – but I’d enjoy it just the same if I came back empty handed because I always end up laughing my head off at the stupidest things whilst I’m there.

Go the gym
This sounds like an odd one but when my best friend lived in Ellesmere Port, our scheduled trips to the EPIC were our designated catch up times. There’s nothing better than having someone to work out with, especially when they’re as competitive as you to run that extra distance or do them additional sit ups. The other great thing about gym socials is that going for a drink afterwards is never a temptation because you don’t want to ruin all the hard work you’ve just put in.

Yes, it’s not really a very social one but as a huge TV and film enthusiast, I love the cinema. With a Cineworld annual pass, I’m always looking for an outing to Broughton and this works as a great alcohol repellent for my friends as nobody wants to drink-and-watch because you might forget the film you’ve just seen?!

Hopefully I’ll manage to cut back on the booze with some sober socials lined up, as there’s no greater feeling than being with friends and not having to deal with beer fear or a nasty hangover.