Managing Stress Levels

I’ve always been bad at dealing with stress, to the point where some days I’m a walking personification of the quote “I stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about”. Most of the time it’s caused by overthinking and worrying, and I know deep down that 99% of my stress is unnecessary and isn’t expected of me. But even still, being a self-confessed serial stresser can be tough on my mental health, and it’s nice to have a few ways of dealing with it in the bag for days when it’s a real struggle.

Pictures of dogs, videos of dogs, dog cuddles, dog walks, dog strokes, just dogs. I know it sounds weird, but I can always count on my fur ball to brighten up my day – and being around animals can be so good for de-stressing because they don’t require any taxing conversations and always give lots of sympathy.

Turning off
I love my job but the weekend is “Molly time” which means strictly no emails. I like to spend my weekends switched off, which usually involves being with family; either getting in my Fitbit steps with my Dad or watching Pretty Little Liars with my sister. I also use my work annual leave randomly when I just need a “mental health day” but prefer to take these on Fridays or Mondays to expand on the weekend time.

Being organised
I love using my diary and swear by making time for life admin. With all my appointments, nights out and finances jotted out in front of me, and to-do lists that go on for days, I never need to worry if I’ve forgotten something.

Listening to music
I always feel better once I’ve got my headphones in because it cuts me off from any externalities which can get in the way when I’m trying to think things through. I feel like there’s a Spotify playlist for every occasion so no matter what my mood, music helps me de-stress.

So there’s a few tips on what I do to prevent or stop additional stress. I think the best thing to do is to take one stressor at a time and not allow it to build up, so take a deep breath and think smart.