A lifestyle catch up for June

It feels like yonks since I last posted; and as we’re already a week into June and I haven’t checked in, I thought I’d give you all an update on what I’m up to this month. June has always been my favourite month for a whole bunch of reasons; it’s the start of Summer, it’s when the University year ends for 3 months (oh, how I miss being a student) and it’s my birthday month, to name a few. So here’s a catch up on a few things I’m excited for this month, which will mean less life blogging and more life living.

Nights out
As I mentioned, it’s my birthday month – and on June 20th I will be turning 23! Normally I don’t like celebrating my birthday, but I don’t see enough of my friends these days now we’re all adulting so I’m super excited to be going out to Liverpool this Friday with a few of my closest pals. This is joint celebrations for my birthday and two other friend’s birthdays so we can only imagine how messy it’s going to turn out with three Geminis on the loose.

Summer holiday time
Although I’ve fallen in love with city breaks recently, I’ve really missed the sun. This month I’m going to Barcelona for a few days with my Dad, and hopefully i’ll get the perfect blend of “city break” and “beach holiday” that I’m after. Thankfully, we’ve bagged a hotel with a pool (which is more difficult than it sounds with it being city-based) so I’ll be spending mornings swimming and afternoons exploring the Gothic Quarter.
Paramore gig
Paramore was my favourite band for years – and I think it still has a big hold on who I am today; from my Hayley-coloured hair, to my best ‘interesting fact’ being that I’ve met the band twice. Although their new album isn’t fantastic, there are a few new songs I’m wanting to hear such as “rose coloured boy”, and a few oldies I’m still praying they play live such as “decode” and “brighter”. Either way, I’m really excited because they give me all the goosebumps/butterflies live.
Orphan Black & Orange Is The New Black
I’m a huge TV nerd and two of my favourite shows are back in June so I can’t wait to marathon them. Orphan Black is back for it’s final season and I can imagine it will be pretty emotional watching it all come to an end. Over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with Tatiana Maslany’s talent, each of the clones individually and of course, “Cosima and Delphine” – so I’m expecting tears when I hit episode 10.
Anyway, this month is a hectic one, but don’t forget about me – i’ll be back soon!